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This site has been developed for academics and professionals undertaking research in the field of social marketing. It contains a collection of resources

Including an academic research database, an online survey system and a social marketing project management system.


Social marketing research


If you require any research, whether academic or field work, the staff at socialmarketingresearch.com can help. We can:


        Provide access to a comprehensive academic database of social marketing research;

        Develop, [publish and analyse online surveys;

        Write comprehensive research reports based on academic and/or web survey results;

        Write comprehensive social marketing strategies; and

        Manage social marketing projects.


If you require any professional services from socialmarketingresearch.com please contact consultancy@socialmarketingresearch.com


If you are a researcher and would like to participate in the social marketing academic research database, please send an email to research@socialmarketingresearch.com


Academic research database


The academic research database contains citations, quotes and research notes on a variety of topics related to social marketing and associated fields. It is currently only available to registered users and clients.


Registered researchers and clients please click here to access the social marketing research database.


Social marketing survey system


A survey system has been developed in order to facilitate field research in social marketing. If you have been asked to participate in a social market research survey, please check your invitation e-mail as this will give you the direct link to the survey that you have been asked to participate in. Registered researchers and clients please click here to be taken to the survey design and results system.


Social marketing project management system


An extensive social marketing project management system has been developed for clients and researchers to use in order to manage social marketing projects. If you have been asked to report on a project deliverable, please use the link provided in the notification message to undertake reporting tasks. Registered researchers and clients please click here to access the project design, management and reporting system.


Further information


For further information you can contact us by e-mail at mailto:info@socialmarketingresearch.com


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